SH Apartment



Renovation project of an apartment in the upper zone of Barcelona of 80m2 and 3m2 of balcony. A integral reform has been done creating a completely new and different distribution to the existing one, modifying and reinforcing its structure. In this small space a confortable kitchen has been inserted, as well as a living room, a dining room, a toilet, a bathroom, two children’s bedrooms, the master bedroom, office, and a very practical gallery plus small balcony. Fulfilling in this way with the needs of the client. It has been possible to create a open and communicated kitchen to the living room by means of a breakfast bar to obtain maximum visibility to the outside and a great contribution of natural light. The balcony has been worked with a lot of vegetation to give the living room a great deal of pleasure, as well as an optimal working space for the office.

Elegir a Piluca y Pau para hacer una reforma integral de mi piso fue una muy buena decisión. Combinan una gran experiencia técnica y creativa, Piluca es arquitecta y Pau diseñador de interiores, un equipo perfecto. Consiguieron responder perfectamente a lo que necesitaba, redistribuyendo y optimizando el espacio. No me esperaba un cambio de distribución tan radical y conseguir todo lo que se ha conseguido en mi piso. He visto un increíble compromiso con la calidad y los detalles y tienen obreros muy profesionales. Mi reforma fue una experiencia muy positiva!

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