PN House



Detached house project of new construction on the beach of Benicasim on a plot of 590m2.

It has been proposed to locate the house in almost the center of the plot with lots of vegetation and trees, thus creating a free circulation around the whole house and you get a feeling of greater volume of land and full of nature on all sides.
On the front of the house we find the swimming pool and the outdoor lounge, and on the back the entrance of vehicles and the outside summer dining room.

The house has a ground floor of 140m2 and a first floor of 175m2. The house is accessed by one of its sides entering an interior courtyard at double height and with vegetation in its interior that acts as the central core of the house and where the staircase to the upper floor is located.

The entire ground floor is free-standing and its walls are mostly composed of large windows that on days of good weather, which are the majority in this area, open to create a free circulation that makes you lose the boundary between interior and exterior.

On the upper floor we find all the private life of the house; bedrooms, bathrooms, office, gym, laundry and storage areas and large closets.
The double bedroom is linked with a dressing room, a bathroom, gym and open to a large terrace. For the children, a bedroom has been created for each one, which through sliding panels can be converted into a single and large shared space.

This house has been designed as a passive and sustainable house, studying much the own form of the architecture through enclosures, solar protections, setbacks, cross ventilation, thermal chimneys, etc. As well as with photovoltaic installations, geothermal and rainwater collection.
A geotechnical study has also been carried out to identify the pathologies of the land for the correct location of the house and its interior distribution.

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